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Reverend Maryum Morse

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I Am Inspired by the Light of God

“God is pure being-not a person ruling over us, but a presence moving within us.” 

-Meister Eckhart

The Mind of God is the only Cause of all creation.  Every form and experience emerges from the infinite sea of God possibilities, bringing forth life as this perfect One.

The creative power of the Divine is alive in me now and always.

I turn within to find the light of God that is always there.  I close my eyes and remove my attention from any confusion.  I place my focus on my breath and open my mind to receive Infinite wisdom.  In the stillness, I receive the guidance I need.  I am not in darkness, for the light of God is ever shining, illuminating a path to my highest good.

My mind, heart and soul is filled with this new awareness, I see possibilities for greater good in my relationships, health and finances.  I am aligned with this vibration.  I keep my eyes turned toward the Light within in and trust the guidance I receive.  I say “yes” to life and to the boundless love of Sprit as I connect to this truth.  My faith is strong.

Always thankful, always ready to embrace my connection with God, I know the Truth.  I release my word to the Law and allow the demonstration of good and bounty in all aspects of my life to be revealed.  It is done for I feel this vibration in, as and through me.  I am grateful.  I release and let go.  And so it is.  Amen  

Rev. Maryum Morse

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