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Prayer for Exams

All is well in God. God is in me.  My life is filled with God and tranquility and peace is my birthright.  Right where I stand I am one with the One.

It is from this Life, I draw to me the right action, the right answers, and the right frame of mind to succeed in my studies.  I know that my mind touches the Mind of God so that all the answers are accessible for my tests. 


I am held in the Grace of God.  I have no worries or dark imaginings of failure. I am resolute in my purpose and I succeed easily.  The grand design for my life is unfolding perfectly. I find favor with my instructors and associates. I am gifted with intelligence, memory recall and all the materials for my classes are readily available for review and are furnished perfectly for my exams.

How grateful I am for this truth. How blessed and cared for I feel knowing that God has got my back.  

I release these words to be made manifest now. I let go and let God. I let go and let it be. 
And so it is! Amen.

-    Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP.

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