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Science of Mind Class:   

Essential Ernest Holmes


The Essential Ernest Holmes course, an exploration of the evolution of the thought of Ernest Holmes an internationally known teacher of religious psychology, a scholar, mystic and author. This course explores his long and prodigious career, and the evolution of the Science of Mind philosophy, faith and way of life.

This class is about you, using Ernest’s words as a foundation from which to build your own future, one belief at a time. The Essential Ernest Holmes is a joyous experience in personal unfoldment and awakening.

Begins Thursday, July 18, 2024

through September 05, 2024


Class time 3:00pm – 5:00pm



This course is being offered 70% off normal tuition of $270


Pre-paid Tuition $190.00

(does not include certificate of completion for Practitioner training requirements)


Register here:


Day of class tuition $230.00 if not pre-registered

*Note: This is a required accredited class for Practitioner training. Course manual provided

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