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Prayer for Encouragement


I Am Energized and Rejuvenated!

How good it is to recognize the One Life that is my Life. This Life is my life now. I rejoice in the heart felt connection as I breathe the breath of pure Spirit as me. My heart beats as Spirit’s pulse. I am one with the One.

Each morning I awake and embrace the opportunity to begin my day with prayer. I am aware of my innate creative power; I am invigorated by Spirit within. I move ahead empowered, choosing uplifting thoughts, positive statements and purposeful actions that reflect my greatest intentions.

When I feel sluggish or unmotivated I simply pause and pray. Spirit revives my vital energy and awakens my enthusiasm. I am confident and I know that all things given to me are accomplished with ease and grace. All that is not understood is being revealed to me and the crooked path is made straight. I am filled with joy and happiness as I feel the power of this simple prayer. I know I am always being given blessings each and every moment of my life. I open myself to receive with humble gratitude.

With grand and glorious thanks I release this prayer to the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe.


I have asked and the prayer has been answered. It is done for I feel it; I trust the power of prayer. And so it is. Amen

-Rev. Maryum Morse

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