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Hello!  We're so glad you're here!

Center for Spiritual Living is the perfect home for spiritual exploration.  Feel free to surf through our website.  Whether you decide to excavate the surface of your interests, or take a deep dive, we offer the perfect tools to assist you with your endeavors.  Enjoy the journey!

About US

We are an open and accepting community of spiritual seekers.  At Center of the Heart Santa Barbara you will be welcomed and supported.  Our congregation is a hybrid of in-person, as well as online members and visitors.  Our diversity is made up of people from a mix of backgrounds.  Here, you will find an acceptance of gender preference, ideas, cultures, races, genders, economic statuses and other characteristics.  This wonderful tapestry enhances growth and learning for the entire congregation .  We are a spiritual community that supports each other whether we are live or online.  Our teachings  empower you to live a positive and productive life.  Everyone goes through tough periods at one time or another, our teachings help you to go through the uncharted waters with a little more ease and grace.

A Compass for Unchartered Paths

Smooth Routes to Serenity

About YOU

You've come to the right place if you consider yourself a spiritual seeker.  There have been guiding signs along your life path that are still vivid in your memory and you desire to put the puzzle pieces together. Something inexplicable continues to pull at your soul and it's a connection you desire to explore.  Perhaps you're feeling called to re-evaluate your relationships, friendships or life overall. You're looking to go deeper and expand your spiritual connection.  You're feeling drawn to connect in a different way; to connect with different people; to be in a place and space where you are accepted for who you are and how you show up as you continue to grow and develop on your path.   Center of the Heart Santa Barbara is a safe place for you to explore, discover and connect to your highest and best self.  Welcome Home!

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