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Our Prayer Room

Center of the Heart Prayer Room

CLICK THE OPEN HEART to enter our PRAYER ROOM where you will find a collection of prayers to address many concerns.  Feel free to also submit a Prayer Request Form and we will add you to our private Practitioner's Prayer List.  If you wish to be contacted, please provide your preferred method for follow-up. Your prayers are held in confidence and shared only with the Practitioner Core and Ministers. 

Please join us in support of our Center by taking the loving prayer below to your heart, mind and soul.  We thank you for your support of Center of the Heart SB.

‎Prayer for Our Center

Divine Spirit – Thank you Divine Spirit for giving us the gift of love stories.
Hear our prayers for Center of the Heart:

Divine Spirit we ask that you provide us with a wholistic blessing for all aspects of Center of the Heart. Bless all things connected with our Center onsite, offsite, and with us including, but not limited to the following things:

     1. The holy spiritual power manifest at our Center and within us,
     2. The land and the improvements,
     3. Those who have been on the site before us,
     4. All people and beings who visit us,
     5. Reverend Maryrum Morse, the congregation, practitioners, core council,                         volunteers, musicians, staff, and tenants,
     6. Our implementation of your divine will,
     7. Everything connected with our Center in any blessed way that has not been
         mentioned here.

Provide us with all resources required to keep our Center in optimal repair and
operation and ready to receive your blessings of growth and in all other blessed areas
expressed in our prayers and those that have not been voiced by us but are desired by
you and us.


Let our Center be a sanctuary filled with love, service, and devotion. Guide us so that we focus on what is true, helpful, important, necessary, and kind.

Divine Spirit please know that our prayers and requests to you may be unintentionally
limited, incomplete, or not properly expressed by us. Know that our hearts’ intent is for
our prayers and requests to be clear, all-encompassing and without limit or omission.
We give thanks for your understanding of our human limitations in completely and
properly expressing ourselves to you.


Let 2024 be the year that we continue to accomplish the following four things and more blessed things:
   1. All significant physical defects and needed maintenance at our Center are clearly
       identified and accounted for in writing. Help us develop an ongoing financial plan
       for remedying all of them. Provide us with the means to pay for these items as
       needed without incurring new debt. Give us the financial means and planning
       skills to remedy all these physical defects and maintenance properly and in an
       ideal timeline.

   2. Attendance and activities at our center continue to grow exponentially. Thank you
       for providing your blessings in this area and for continued expansion this year and
       beyond. Give us the ability to properly accommodate this growth.
   3. Our volunteers are always perfectly in tune with the work that is needed at our
       Center and go about the work in a joyous manner.
   4. We request that financial resources continue to exceed our Center’s needs now
       and in the future. Assist us in finding additional perfect tenants to rent the church
       for events and have other financial opportunities for our Center arise.


For our Congregation
Divine Spirit, bless our congregation. Help us in promoting the growth of your message of love as we gather in your name. Be with us individually and in our groups as we go about your work. Give our congregation perfect understanding of your will as well as the energy and means to joyfully go about your work.


For Reverend Maryum
Divine Spirit, bless and protect Reverend Maryrum Morse. Keep her pure of intent and
filled with your strength and power. Provide her with your guidance, appropriate
financial renumeration, the gift of eloquent speech, wisdom, love, strength, vibrant
health, focus, and energy.


For Our Practitioners
Divine Spirit, bless and protect our practitioners! Help them deliver your blessings in all
forms of communication. Provide them with the gift of perfect understanding of your
will so that their words are always eloquent, uplifting, and easily received by those they meet.


For Our Core Council, Staff, and Volunteers
Divine Spirit, bless and protect the energetic core of our Center - our Core Council, staff, and volunteers! Provide them with divine inspiration and fulfillment in their lives and in the support of our Center.


Divine Spirit, bless our musicians and all who support and collaborate with them! Their
music brings us closer to you! Have them provide inspired accompaniment to the
messages from Reverend Maryrum and all other speakers each week. Thank you for the opportunity to be in this special closeness to you through the blessed means of music, song, and dance!


Our Entire Team
Divine Spirit, bless our entire team at our Center! Provide our team with the inspiration
to be in perfect support of you and each other. Give our team clear understanding and
direction as to how to ideally implement your Divine Will with love, laughter,
inspiration, and tremendous success!


We are a smooth, successful, ever-growing, blessed machine! And so it is – Amen!

-Brian Bailey

  June 26-2024

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