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Prayers From Heart to Mind 

“Our idea of prayer is not so much asking God for things as it is believing that we already have the things we need. Prayer is the acceptance of a thing before we get it.”

-Ernest Holmes

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What is Affirmative Prayer? The Science of Mind & Spirit - Prayer, like meditation, is conscious contact with the Infinite Intelligence within you. Prayer is a conscious mental act of working with the Law of Creation, the Law of Cause and Effect, by consciously feeling the Creative Presence at hand then speaking out words of good and acceptance. Center for Inspired Living - An Affirmative Prayer is a process which moves us mentally from idea to a completed experience knowing that once the idea (thought) has been initiated (spoken), the creative stuff of the universe works in a focused and consistent manner to make the invisible real. This process is done entirely on the invisible plane of “Mind” and not on the physical plane. Unity - Rather than begging or beseeching, this method involves connecting with the Spirit within and asserting positive beliefs about the desired outcome. Jesus, a metaphysician, taught this type of prayer when he said, “So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” For our definition, Affirmative Prayer is a conscious new order of thought given to the Law of Mind. If the word “prayer” doesn’t work for you, Dr. Holmes called it “spiritual mind treatment” because he believed we were treating the mind spiritually! 

“We ourselves set the Law in motion through Affirmative Prayer. Affirmative Prayer is a definite act of the conscious mind setting The Law of Mind in motion for the idea specified in the prayer. The persons stating an affirmative prayer believes that their word is operated upon by an intelligent, creative Power which has the power to create the conditions of the ideas embodied in their prayer. We are working with a Power that can rearrange conditions.”            -Ernest Holmes


The thoughts you think and the beliefs you hold are the conscious and unconscious seeds you plant in your own life. Once you understand this, you can consciously direct the flow of good into your life by choosing the thoughts you think. Remember the Universe is a “Yes!” machine, the soil is always saying “Yes!” to the seed it is given. So, what are you planting? “...we know that until we control our thinking, we shall never control the conditions of our environment, business and personal health. The point of control is always within, and the wise person starts to assume dominion over their disorganized thinking...we are spiritually equipped to do this.”   -Ernest Holmes

How do we do Affirmative Prayer?

Affirmative Prayer is a five step formula that aligns us with the creative process and organizes our thinking by creating a mold that reflects our desired feeling state or outcome. In Affirmative Prayer, we turn towards that which already is and accept it mentally. Manifestation follows.

Condition and Purpose It’s helpful to identify the condition in your life that you want to change. “I need a job. My money is running out and my bills are piling up.” Then identify the purpose of your treatment. “The perfect job is mine now with enough money to pay all my bills with plenty to spare. My gifts and talents are perfectly aligned with my new job!” Then use that affirmative sentence in your realization step...with feeling! “Our idea of prayer is not so much asking God for things as it is believing that we already have the things we need. Prayer is the acceptance of a thing before we get it.” Ernest Holmes

1. Recognition: In our first step we are recognizing that there is one Universal Source of Creation. There is only one Life, that life is God’s/Love’s life, that life is perfect.


2. Unification: In the second step we are unifying ourselves with this Love Intelligence, knowing that it is within us. We are establishing ourselves within the Oneness that is Life Itself. I am one with that life now.


3. Realization: This is the creative step! Here we are affirming that what we desire is already happening and already within us. We are bringing in the feeling and the knowing that it’s happening now! Speak in the present tense with affirmative language. Remember, It is done unto you as you belief! From this place of Oneness and creative power, I know that.....or I declare....


4. Thanksgiving: This step allows us to give thanks that our prayer is already answered, that it is done. I give thanks knowing that this prayer is answered now! It is done. “

Thanksgiving in prayer is vital, for it makes us believe that we already have our good. When the idea is established within us, it then takes form around us!”  - Ernest Holmes.

5. Release: In this final step, we let go knowing that the Law is now working upon your word. I release it unto the Law that always says, “Yes!”. It is so! 

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