Prayer for Business

God is divine order, the spirit of cooperation and of unity. I experience this wholeness right where I stand because of the life of God is breathing me now.

This power and grace is always available to me and is now dispersed throughout all of my business affairs.

Every transaction and every task is imbued with right action. 

business plan.jpg


My thoughts radiate clarity and focus as I connect with Mind, so that all my interactions with key individuals are balanced and fair, creating successful returns for all concerned.

All of my contracts and partnerships are mightily blessed, resulting in security and respect for everyone concerned.  I am a co-creator with Spirit, so that every connection I make, benefits from this divine activity.  God’s plan for establishing good is unfolding here and now.


I am so grateful to participate full out in partnership with the Divine. I am so thankful for this grace and power moving so expertly through every part of my business affairs. I embrace my success fully and share this providence easily, multiplying God’s love in form repeatedly.


I release these words to be made manifest and know that God’s will be done. And so, it is. Amen


- Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP

Abundance flows through my life with Ease and Grace.