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We will do introductions, answer any questions, and then have a special guest speaker! Cindy Davis is a local massage therapist and medium. I have known her for 30 years. Our children attended Kellogg Elementary school together! Cindy will share her experiences in her mediumship practice.

Then, as is our typical practice, we will be reading cards for ourselves and each other for the rest of the meeting! The reading format will be - anyone who has a question will write it out. The questions can be anonymous. We will shuffle the questions and each person who wants to read will get one or more of the questions. Please bring guests and questions important to you.

Guidance will be provided, and participation is encouraged, but is optional.

We will meet at the Center of the Heart in the main Sanctuary. This is a wonderful space with elevated energy and lots of parking!

Bring your favorite decks. I will have some "spares" for anyone needing one. Bring your questions and we will provide inspired answers.

Do you have a friend who would like a reading? Bring them along with an extra $5 bill! Guests are extremely welcome! Bring your friends! Just indicate the number of guests you are bringing when you RSVP.

Are you new to reading cards or unsure? No worries! We will show you how!

Cost: $5 per person. To pay you can either: (1) bring a $5 bill or (2) send to me, Brian Bailey, via Venmo at @Superconnected 805-637-1031, or via PayPal at

All levels of tarot card reading expertise are welcome in this safe and nurturing environment. Bring your decks! Tarot, oracle, and other types of card reading systems are welcome. Bring whatever you need to feel comfortable along with enthusiasm to learn and share! Coffee and chilled water will be provided.
Please RSVP.
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For more information, visit
or call (805) 964-4861

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