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Maryum Morse began her spiritual journey with Unity then Landmark Education and soon found her way to The Agape Center and Rev. Michael Beckwith.  She embraced the Science of Mind courses and quickly became a licensed Practitioner with Agape  (12) years ago.  Maryum graduated from the Holmes Institute with a Masters in Consciousness and was guided to Santa Barbara.    Rev. Maryum is the current spiritual leader of Center of the Heart in Santa Barbara since 2009 and has created a thriving, vibrant community.  Rev. Maryum has been a seminar leader and motivational speaker for over 20 years.   She is a certified life business, health and spiritual coach. Rev. Maryum’s mission is to enlighten, inspire and motivate individuals to embrace their soul’s purpose to share their unique light with the world. 

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We are inspired by the teachings of Dr. Ernest Holmes and other New-Though luminaries including Mary Baker Eddy, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Phinias Quimby, Charles and Myrtle Filmore, William Walker Atchinson and Nona L. Books, as well as contemporary leaders H. Emile Cady, Jonnie Colemon and Wayne Dwyer. 

Dr. Holmes asked us to make one quantum leap in thought and faith and only one. He asked people to think from the universal principle found in all religious teachings: ...that the Universe is a Loving Infinite Mind, working perfectly everywhere, and that this Mind is our mind now. We believe then, that there is nothing but God, call it what you will--Universal Intelligence, Interconnectedness, Spirit, Divine Mind, Wakan Tanka----it’s the Ultimate Stuff from which everything is created. The core teaching is that this Universal Intelligence is good, works by a demonstrable law, and is governed by thought. This Universal Love-Intelligence is the essence of who we are.


There is an intuitive awakening to the modes of aligning with the mind and heart of the universe. We will have as much of this in our experience as we can accept. In order for it to show up in our lives, we have only to say yes to it. 

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