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Prayer for Overcoming Addiction

In this time and space at the crossroads, I recognize the Power and Presence of the One Divine Comfort.  That Comfort is God.  Through It and with It is Peace, Wisdom and Strength. 


I surrender myself to this Power and Presence.  I merge with God's Will and accept the Highest and Best intentions for my Self.  I accept this Power as my Guide. 

Sandy Beach

I affirm that my refuge and comfort is with my connection with God.  I am ready for the transformation and freedom that is waiting for me in my God-Connection.  My struggles and addictions have enslaved me and I release all hold and shackles of the bondage of addiction.  Any pain that led me to a path of further discomfort and suffering is released.  No substance has power over my mind,  body, spirit, thoughts, intentions or actions.  My faith is stronger than any substance.  With each passing day, I lean into this new-found freedom from addiction.

Thank God for lighting and clearing my path. I am grateful for all of the people that have supported me throughout this very heavy challenge.  I am grateful for the lessons that brought me to this awakening - even the painful ones.  I am grateful to those who forgive me, and ask continued forgiveness for any situation or person that I have harmed.  

As I continue on this path of self-discovery and self-love, I release my words and intentions to the Master Physician who provides the greatest satisfaction and serenity for life and living.  I know that all I have said is so, and I humbly give this prayer to the Source for my permanent healing, health, restoration and return to the person I desire to be.

I let it Go.

I Let it Be.

And So It Is!


-Lava Bai, RScP

I am stronger than any addiction and I have the power to overcome any challenges.

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