Prayer for Abundance

I know that there is only one life, one Divine essence that is pure Spirit, and I know that is my life too. This life is joy, love, peace and abundance. Therefore, abundance is naturally and purely mine.

I know that I embody these qualities and as I give them out into the world, they come back to me multiplied.

lavendar field balloon.jpg

I live a life of abundance by embracing the pure Divine energy that sources me. I forgive, I drop judgment, I align with the Divine order and go deep into the abundance of life. I know I provide joy and love in the world and abundance in all the forms I desire, comes to me easily and effortlessly.

I know that this is the truth, I know it is happening right now and I give great gratitude for this wonderful Divine life of abundance that I am given.

I release this prayer into the Divine hands of the Creator, knowing it is done.


Bev Berry, RScP