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Prayer for Friendship

God IS my Best Friend!  I recognize God as the Divine Connection of One Life, One Mind, One Truth.  In this connection, there is Joy, Love, Laughter, Wholeness and so much more that is Good and Very Good.

My connection to this Power of One is the Source of my Comfort and Joy.  God is my Sanctuary and Solace.  God is my Best Friend.  

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In every situation, God is there for me to Guide me, to Support me and to Comfort me.  

God is MY Best Friend!

I affirm that with my connection to God, I also connect to others who inspire me. I have great friendships now, and I continue to meet friends easily and effortlessly.  Each friendship is unique and supportive.  I affirm that I am a good friend – supportive and inspiring.  I affirm that my friendships provide balance and inspire me to aspire to God’s Greatest Good.

Thank you, God for the wonderful friends that I have and those that are yet to be realized.  Thank you, God for being the Best of All Friends in my Life!
I know that my words and thoughts are my humble expression of God expressing through me.  It is with great joy that I release my words back to God’s Spiritual Law to develop and manifest in the most inspiring of ways.

I let it go and let be so.

-Lava Bai, RScP

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Oh the Joy I feel as I open my heart and recognize that Spirit is in All things. Divine Presence is within All people, all situations and within the very solid ground upon which I walk. I feel Spirit within me and because I know we are All One, I can see and feel it within every person I meet. 

Prayer for Friendship

As I look with Spirit’s eyes, I can see into the heart of those near me. I see their kindness, their vulnerability, their missteps and their joys. This is friendship. Seeing the Divine soul of my fellow travelers brings us close. And as I open to them, they open to me and we can commune heart to heart. There are many possible friends all around me. May I have the clarity to look closely and see the Divinity within everyone.


I am so grateful to know the Truth of these words and I release this heartfelt prayer into the Infinite One and know it is heard Now.

Blessed Be… And So It Is.

- Trish Jahnke, RScP.

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