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Prayer for Ease & Grace

Divine Spirit is in All Things. It is the Oneness of All That Is. This Oneness is what inhabits every rock, tree and squirrel. And this Oneness inhabits Me.

As I open to this Truth deep inside, I recognize that Spirit is here… right here and right now. Divine Spirit lives within me, as me.

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That is an amazing and comforting knowing. And as I let the deeply resonant Truth of this resound in my heart and Soul, I find myself relaxing into this moment. In this moment I am OK. In this moment I am Safe. 

And because I Trust Divine Presence to accompany me every step I take, I know that my life is unfolding with the Ease and Grace that is for my highest and best good. I am Divinely guided. I have clarity and within me I have peace of mind and peace of heart. Spirit leads me easily. And Divine Grace enfolds me always and in All things.

Grateful for this awesome Truth, I accept this good as mine now and I release my grateful prayer into the Allness of Spirit and know it is Done.

- Trish Jahnke, RScP.

Prayer for Ease & Grace

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All around me is Spirit, the ever-present well of ideas and love.  I am connected to this Power because I am an individualized expression born of the Divine Mind, of Creative Intelligence.
I make intelligent, thoughtful decisions using my innate wisdom for my soul’s plan and purpose.  I see the best in every situation.  I am cause to my own effect.  I release the tendency to second guess anything.  Instead, I am confident, capable, strong and authentic. 

Because I love myself, I allow God to express through me as wisdom and love.  Everything in my world is in harmony, evolving exactly as it should.  I am open and available to new ideas and areas of expression.  The right people and situations cross my path continuously.  I let go of anything that has blocked me and my desires.  I grow in consciousness and attract new and prosperous ideas that flow from and are supported by Creative Intelligence.  All unveils in perfect order.  I am filled with the passion to share my Truth in a new and vibrant way.   I carry a feeling tone of abundance in my heart.  This deep feeling sense attracts an ever-expanding awareness of my magnificent good which manifests as my daily experiences.   Something wonderful is always happening to me.  I am joy filled, aware and alive.  How good it is to realize this truth.
I am grateful for all the grace in my life.  With great ease, peace and thanks, I release my word into the Law knowing it is already so.  It is done.  And so it is.  Amen.


- Rev. Maryum Morse

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