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Prayer for Fulfillment

God is the Source and Supply of my every desire and accomplishment.  

My connection with God is my Joy and Rapture.  My every desire is God-Inspired and God-Fulfilled.

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In this moment, I affirm that God’s vision for my life is my vision too.  I am inspired to envision possibilities beyond limitations. Creative options and ideas flow through me and I am immeasurably supported.   I am spiritually fed and fulfilled.  Through the power of my God-connection, I realize my highest and best life.    Success and achievement are second nature to me.  My greatest good and highest expectations are experienced easily and effortlessly.

I have immense gratitude for my ever-expanding fulfilled life.  God is good – all the time and God is good to me! Thank you God for always quenching my thirst to be in alignment with my life purpose.

With humility and gratitude, I release this prayer to God’s Divine and Spiritual Law.  I know that my desires and requirements are met.  In trust and faith, I let it go.  I let it be.


And So It Is!


I humbly release my words of prayer and affirmation to God’s Spiritual Law to be made into action in spectacular ways.

I know this is so, and I let it go.

-Lava Bai, RScP

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