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Prayer when feeling Guilt


I know that God is the Great Redeemer.


I am God's creation.  I am a unique creation.  

My path has sometimes been uncertain.  My curiosity sometimes gets the best of me.  

Sometimes my actions are thoughtless, callous, lack compassion and completely off God's clearly illuminated path. It is not my intention to be harmful.  God be with me and heal my Soul.  Remove the cloud that alters my judgement.  Give me the spiritual strength to stay on Your Path.  Grant me the courage to seek forgiveness and illuminate my life with Your Words, Your Grace, Your Divine Love.  

Yes, I have missed the mark.  Let this be a glowing lesson and turning point for me to stay in full connection with You.


Even though I have caused suffering, and suffer because I am aware of my offense, I am yet grateful for the blessing  in the lesson of this experience.  Thank you God for your Grace.  Thank you for Your Guidance in this time of reckoning and re-connecting.

I know you are with me.  I feel the Power of Your Divine Redemption.  I am ready to move into the Great Unknown of Your intentions for me.  I release this word with sincerity and commitment to Your Law.  I know and trust the the highest and best outcome for all concerned is made manifest - even in this very moment.

And So It Is.


-Lava Bai, RScP

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