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Prayer for Life Purpose

I am united with God.  There is no separation from the Life of Good flowing as and being me.  Therefore, the very activity of my life has divine purpose and meaning.

life purpose pic.png

God’s plan for my life is unfolding perfectly.  The right guidance and support show up exactly when needed, moving me inexorably towards completion of God’s purpose for this life.  Divine inspiration and focus come to mind ad the flow of the Eternal good is manifesting as my life. 

I surrender any confusion and the fog of uncertainty to the Divine to dispel right now.  In confusion’s place, I access the right tools and the confidence to blossom the talents of my soul right now.  Every step I take and all thought and deeds are now imbued with God’s determination, purpose and direction.

I humbly accept God’s assistance and guidance in whatever form it takes, knowing that it shows up as my birthright.  Any subconscious mental hindrances to this divine activity are dissolved in the clarity, light and passion of God’s power and might.
I rise fully to my potentiality.  My divine gifts are used perfectly in accordance with God’s will.  

I am so very grateful to know this truth.  God is with me, acting through me and I am an open wide channel for greatness expressing.

I release and let go. I release and let God.
And so it is. Amen.

-    Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP.

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