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Prayer for Safety

The Power and Might of Spirit is within me.  Right where I stand there is only the holy activity of God.  I am imbued with pure awareness of this unshakeable connection to Oneness.  It is evident in my breath. It is transcendent and ever present as my life.


So even if appearances indicate seeming separation from my birthright of Goodness and Wholeness, all is well. Divine light protects and holds me safe.  I am guided and the way is made smooth and straight before me. Divine ideas, right action and power supports me always. In this life, I am safe; I am whole and I am forever protected by and through God’s love and kindness.  Never do I have need to fear or doubt this strength and protection.

I thank God for this truth every moment of my life. I rest in this wisdom and knowledge that God has got my back in all things.

So I joyfully surrender all concerns and worries into the keeping of the Most High. I know that I am safe and that all is well.

I let go and let God. I let go and let it be.

And So It Is. Amen.  

- Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP.

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