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Prayer for Divorce

The wind of change surrounds all life.  All life is radiant with God’s Spirit.  This life is my life now.  I am filled with wholeness, oneness and I am an integral part of all Life.   
As I disengage the part of my life I shared with my spouse, my lover and friend, I know and claim that the Divine is still with us both.  We are now guided always towards what fulfills our divine possibility in Spirit.  

breaking up.jpg

I am furnished with the full supply and support of the Divine throughout all areas of my life.

Divine Love heals and fills all the nooks and crannies of my being.  I vibrate the wholeness and completion that is the God’s blueprint for my existence.  I walk strongly and powerfully into a new and magnificent relationship with God and myself.  As my former mate moves on in my rear view mirror, I know I am enveloped in the healing love of the most High.

I know and claim God’s grace throughout every area of this new life.  How good it is to know that I walk with God into new vistas that are tailor made for my happiness and fulfillment.  I move with a whole heart and I know that all relationships I have are imbued with the purest love, gentleness and respect that is my birthright.  I release all discord and strife.  I embrace the peace beyond all understanding.  I gladly surrender to the fullest expression of divine love as my life.

It is with gratitude I place these words into the Divine to be made manifest and whole.  I release and let go. I release and let God. 
And so it is! Amen.
-    Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP.

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