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Prayer for Pets

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you...In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of every human being. -Job 12:7, 10

I Give Thanks for All Animals and Pets

Spirit is the very essence of all creation and is fully present everywhere in nature and all animals. My Oneness with Spirit and its Divine Intelligence is part of who I am.

This wonderous world is home to all animals great and small. I give thanks for the animals that are part of my daily life and the pets or those of family and friends including the wildlife that I see in my environment.  I expand my thoughts to include all creatures of the land, sea, and air.  All are an integral part of the world creating our diverse ecosystem.

Today I feel my deep connection for all animals. I learn from the unconditional love from our pets and the intelligence and sharp instincts of wild creatures.  May they make me aware of my Divine true nature.  May my own and all pets be blessed with health and long life as they are our fur and feathered family members.  These unique special animals give us joy, connection, comfort, harmony and are a healing presence in our homes.

I recognize my role in both appreciating and protecting animals, and I bless them with thoughts of love, gratitude and safety.  In gratitude and thanksgiving, I release this prayer into Gods hands knowing it is fulfilled and complete.  And So It Is. Amen

 - Rev Maryum Morse

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