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Prayer for Weight Loss

I embody the radiant health of God.  Right where I stand God is. My body naturally takes on the divine blueprint for the fullest expression of health and wellness.

I daily take steps informed by this truth to allow my body to take the form of wellness.

I am intuitively guided to right action, right thinking and right assistance to sustain the perfect weight for my body.  



I choose foods to support the release of excess weight. I participate in the right activities to help me maintain long-term health and fitness.  I crave only the right nutritional foods to facilitate vitality and vigor. 

I am light in mind, body and spirit. I am a conduit for God’s radiance and grace.  I am guided every step of the way towards the fulfillment of God’s perfect idea for this body.
I am grateful for this truth. I am fully open to receive all assistance and support of God.
I release and let go. I release and let God do its miraculous good.
And so it is! Amen.

-    Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP.

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