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Prayer for Global Peace

God is the Divine creator and I am one with this holy essence of love. This love is always moving in, as and through me and all beings.

As I spend time in prayer and meditation I join with countless people as our minds and hearts are linked.  I hold scared space for peace, harmony and well-being for the entire planet, all countries and all people.

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A harmonizing energy radiates from deep within my soul and enfolds the world in peace.  This same energy of peaceful presence lives in the hearts of all people.  In this Oneness, we hold a powerful vision that heals the world and evolves humanity to awaken to a new way of bring.

Praying with others blesses the world as we come together in deep trust and faith.  The power of prayer amplifies the peace in my own heart which radiates as a blessing to all countries and people.  I affirm: Peace is in my heart, peace is in all my relationships, peace is present on Mother Earth. 

I feel One with all beings and express deep gratitude for the inner guidance that connects me to the global family.  I release my word into the Heart of God and know love is surrounding and embracing all now.  I am thankful and know it is done.  And so it is. Amen.

- Rev. Maryum Morse

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