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Prayer for Organized Living

I am surrounded by the Presence of Divine and Perfect Order.  I call this Presence: God.  The perfect Order of God is my inspiration and guide.
I am one with God’s Divine Order.


 In my connection with Divine Order, I have clarity and peace.  My affairs are in order.  My home is in order.  My relationships are in order.  My LIFE is in order!

Image by Arnel Hasanovic

In this moment, I affirm that my actions, words and interactions are a loving Light of God’s Divine Order in my life.   I open my heart to be in complete alignment with God’s Divine Order.  I maintain an orderly and organized home.  All of my paperwork, items and accoutrements are always properly contained in an organized and orderly manner.
I am filled with peace and serenity knowing that I am blessed with God’s Divine Order.

My mind is clear and I am grateful!  Thanks to Divine Order, I no longer waste time looking for items and trying to remember where something is.  What a relief!  Thank You GOD!

I humbly release my words of prayer and affirmation to God’s Spiritual Law to be made into action in spectacular ways.
I know this is so, and I let it go.

-Lava Bai, RScP

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