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Prayer for Gratitude

God is the Divine that I see.  It is with amazing grace and ease that I know the Infinite One is already here, awaiting my arrival in this present and precious moment. The embodiment of this awareness allows me to drop any burdens or beliefs I may be carrying that say I must do anything other than be present, open, available, and willing to be the messenger of Oneness and abundance.


I sit so comfortably seated in my unity with the Whole that I know nothing is missing--effortlessly, I receive an abundance of ideas, words, stories and concepts that breathe the breath of Life into my life; the realization is, I live in an abundant universe that supports me in every way, shape, and form, that moves me forward. Gratitude is the word of the day--I live so fully connected to Source today that I feel the blessings of everything and everyone who enters the sphere of my life--I look for the good and I bless it, praise it, and celebrate it; this is the energy that wraps itself around me and which shapes my destiny and blesses myself and my beloved spiritual community.
I am instantly flooded with a wave of gratitude which assures me it is so, and was so, even before these words parted my lips.


Life IS good..and so it is.  Amen

 - Rev. Maryum Morse

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