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Prayer for Faith

There is a Power, a Presence, an Energy in the Universe that some call God, or
Spirit. This Power permeates all things. It is the substance that everything is made of.

I am made of this Substance, this Energy.

I cannot be separated from It, this God substance. There is no separation.

faith 2.jpg

You are part of this God Substance. We are all one within this perfect Substance.
It is faith that brings us to this realization. A part of us that knows that God/Spirit
has our backs and that we are not alone. This faith carries us through the tough
times. We can lean on the Power, the Energy that is God/Spirit within us. Tap into
this Substance, and you have the power to move forward in any and all situations.


In Gratitude I release this prayer into the infinite power of the Universe that is
God/Spirit. Knowing that it is already done.
And so it is!!! 

 -Denise Foxwell, RScP

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