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Prayer for Compassion

God is and will forever be.  Because of this truth, I am, and I have my life and being because of the Divine Unity that exists with every breath I take.  


There seems at times in my mind, that I am separated from God.  That I become separated in my thinking from love and compassion.  That I project unto others a lack of patience and anger.  But as I breathe in this holy moment, I reconnect to the heart of God. 

compassion folks.jpg

I remember and I am strengthened with compassion and love for myself. As I allow this awareness of my eternal connection to fill my being, I remember that I am lovable, valuable and well-cared for.


I affirm now that all life has worth and value. I see with the heart and allow my softness and respect to arise from my thoughts, actions and deeds.


I respect myself as a representative of Divine love, heart and soul.  All my interactions with people blossom into remembrance of our holy communion. I am an instrument of peace and love.  I see with newness, and I become the very activity of God’s compassion.  


How good it is to know that I am never separate from God’s love.  I am so grateful to be a reminder of this love and to know that all my actions are imbued with deep respect for myself and others.  In this holy instant, heaven is established now.


I release all that blocks this flow of love.  I am a continuous conduit for Grace, love and respect.

 I release, I let go and let God. I let go and let it be.

And so it is, Amen.



- Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP

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