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Prayer for Church (Center of the Heart)

God is the light at the center of my being.  It is the power of life that sustains my own breath.  It breathes me and it purifies me.  I know that the ground upon which I stand is holy and sacred. 


This Spirit is also at the Center of the Heart.  God provides a wellspring of Itself to every square millimeter of the grounds upon which the Center of the Heart stands.

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Therefore, all who stand inside of its property lines are blessed. Therefore, any who live within proximity of the Center is blessed.  Blessings abound for the very city in which it is housed.  Blessings seep into the very fabric of this nation, this Earth, and this Universe. 


The holy idea that God has for this sacred space is ever expanding.  Love and goodness spread from this Center, blessing every heart it encounters. 


Through the messages from its Senior Minister, sacred wisdom is expressed. Through the powerful creativity of its musicians, God’s passion and inspiration is expressed.  Through the vibrancy of its membership, peace and ease is expressed.  Through the prayers of its Practitioners, Center of the Heart is ever spiraling upwards to the perfect vision of God’s Light, so that goodness is established here and now.


I call forth a sacred union between Divine Creator and the Center of the Heart’s membership.  For the realization of this truth and the energy to fulfill its mission, blessing all who work within this space.  All divine support, I claim for the fullest expression of God’s vision for this ministry.


I am so grateful for the blessing of Spirit in all that is done on behalf of this ministry. I am so grateful for the support and light of the Great Spirit upon this space.



I release these words to be made manifest and know that God’s will be done. And so, it is. Amen


- Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP

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