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Prayer for Stability

I am rooted in the peaceful solidity of Spirit. I stand on stable and steady ground. I have all the support of God at my disposal and I an never disappointed or betrayed. All my needs are met in God, even before I utter one word.  Right where I am, God is, so all that I think, say and do is filled with right action, wisdom and grace. The peace beyond understanding fills my mind, surrounds my body and every step I make.

stability pic.png

I surrender to this stability and grace, knowing that every detail of my life is seen to by Grace.

How grateful I am for this truth.  How serene is my soul, heart and every condition in my body of affairs.  

I let go and let God. I let go and let it be.
And So It Is. Amen.  

  - Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP.

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