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Prayer for Inspiration

God is All there is and I am right in there, in the flow of Gods Divine Energy.

I am part of the Oneness of Creation and as such I know and affirm that I am open to the powerful energy that is coursing through my being. I am on fire with the immense possibility of possibility. 

inspiration pic.jpg

Creative inspiration is everywhere. Each cloud that catches my eye, every leaf and flower, the aroma of autumn, the rich warmth of a soft blanket-All things spark my imagination. And because I know that I see and hear and speak with Spirit’s voice, all that I create is done with love and kindness. I am excited by what is being created through me, easily and with Divine Grace. Only I can create from my own unique perspective and that makes it all flow easily.

Gratefully I affirm that this prayer is heard and is creatively manifested in my life right now. Thank you Spirit. Thank you.

- Trish Jahnke, RScP.

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