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Prayer for Long Range Plans

God is present now. All activity that takes place happens now. I am part of this now reality. Where I stand divine activity is now happening.  God knows what is best for me. All the power in the universe is now coalescing positivity and grace for my benefit.

I am imbued with the patience and trust for this unfolding process.

long range plan.jpg

I understand and accept that every detail is being seen to for the birth of new opportunities tailor made for me.  


I surrender all concern and belief in lack and limitation. I accept that God’s plan for my life is unfolding perfectly for me.  There is no detail left unturned and there is not one obstacle between me and the successful resolution of this matter.  God is with me and all the angels and guides and assistance is available to me now.

I can and do rest in supreme confidence and faith that all is well. My goals are met in God.  My perfect place is created for me to be and the perfect people are there to facilitate a smooth and exquisite transition from here to there.

How wonderful it is to know this truth. How perfect is my faith and belief in God’s ever present bounty for my life.

I release these words knowing God is seeing to every remaining detail of this wondrous happening.  I release and let go. I release and let God.
And so it is. Amen.

-    Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP.

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