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Prayer for Sobriety

God is Life. My life is that Life and I am one with the unstoppable power and grace that is God.  

I am sustained and supported each and every day of this life. My life is sanctified and managed successfully as I depend fully upon the will of God.

sobriety stone.jpg

I call forth Spirit’s protection and divine will power to return to the wholeness that is God’s divine plan for my life. 

I know complete healing from craving and from destructive habits.  I replace those habits with right action and I surrender discordant behavior, thinking and distraction for the grace of God’s health and clarity.  

I immerse myself in activities that support my well-being. I am engaging in spiritually fulfilling and healthier associations. I have the courage and support of God to create a life filled with meaning and connection.

I attract the right people, places and I make the decisions daily and moment by moment to facilitate complete freedom from addiction.  

How grateful I am for this sobriety. How grateful I am to fully step into this truth.  How grateful I am for all the love and support that I experience now.  How grateful I am for all the assistance and healing I experience, especially when I need it most.  I draw strength from God’s assistance in all areas of my life.  I accept all the myriad ways that God gives to me now.  Thank you Mother-Father God.

I am grateful for these words and I let them go into God’s keeping to be made manifest.
I let go and let it be.
And so it is! Amen.

-    Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP.

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