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Prayer for Traveling Grace

The love of God surrounds me. I am one with the One. God’s Light illuminates my path and all the people around me. 

It is from this Oneness I draw protection, traveling grace and mercy for every aspect and detail of my plans.

My transport and all the workers involved are covered with God’s efficiency, tenderness and grace.  I am greeted warmly, with courtesy and welcome in all the places my feet cross.

God’s Radiance and Love magnetizes all that is good and perfect to me while I stay in lodgings and frequent public spaces.  With joy and delight, I create perfect experiences, encounters and memories that are greatly blessed by God.
I return to my home from travel, enriched and expanded in appreciation of this life radiant with God’s Presence, Wholeness and Satisfaction.

I am so grateful for this truth. I am resplendent in God’s Favor and Blessings.  
I surrender these words to be made manifest by the One.
And So It Is. Amen.  

-    Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP.

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