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Prayer for New Endeavor

God is Light. God is purpose. God is direction. God is support.  I am one with of all these qualities. I am one with every breath that I take, with this light, with this purpose, with this direction.  I am fully supported.  I am guided and strengthened in every moment to face and excel in all of my new endeavors.


Filled with faith and love, I am a thriving new vision of God’s perfect plan. I have all within me to access and fulfill this new vision for my life. 

new endeavor pic.jpg

All action I take; all decisions I make; all the people I meet provide the wherewithal and support needed to bring my mission to fruition.


My energy and enthusiasm is boundless.  My passion and belief is unflagging. Every part of the plan coalesces together to bring success to this endeavor.


How good it is to know this truth. How precious it is to feel this Divine power guiding my thoughts, actions and deeds.


I celebrate my victory, now confident as I surrender this word into Spirit’s wondrous and capable hands, knowing peace, fulfillment and strength.  I know that God’s will is done. I release and let go. I release and let God.  And so it is. Amen.

Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP

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