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Prayer for Clarity

God is love and light illuminating all that seems dark and obscure. God is the organizing Principle of all Life, order and freedom.


My soul is connected to this power and I share the clear Mind of God.  Therefore, the clarity and focus of God is now at my disposal. I am the embodiment of clear thinking and right and clear action.  The execution of the tasks and goals at hand is seamless.


My actions are strengthened, sustained, and propelled by my oneness with the Divine.  I see with clear vision. I move with grace and powerful ingenuity. My goals are fulfilled and already bring forth success, supported by God's great love, stamina and ease and flow.


I am so grateful to absorb such grace in my life. I am so thankful to know that I am always steadied and supported by God and that my vision is enabled with such strong faith and certainty in my purpose. 


The tasks that are mine to do are done easily and I manifest my vision completely.   


I thank Grace for this truth.  I surrender my word to be made manifest.  How good it is to let go and let God, knowing that Divine Guidance has moved all the pieces to make this be.  And so it is. Amen.

- Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP

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