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Prayer for Family

The Divine has made all things in this world. It has tenderly given and imbued all creation with its life essence.  As I breathe in, I am reminded of my eternal oneness with Life.  That It breathes and sustains me, carrying me throughout my days and preparing the way for its excellence to shine forth.


Every need is fulfilled and every detail is seen to from the time I breathed my first breath until now.  I know this not only for myself but for everyone in my family.

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From God’s holy creation, I have been given a family and I recognize what a truly amazing gift each person has been in my life.  Through every encounter be it positive or not so positive, I know that I have been blessed.


I call forth a blessing to be conferred upon each and every member of my family. This includes the family by blood and the family chosen in the form of my friends and colleagues.


I also bless all the babies who will come after me.  May the inheritors of this world gain all their souls desire and become the fruition of God’s glorious plan for their lives.


I hold space for healing, harmony and plenty to grace their lives. I give thanks for the ancestors and volunteers who helped raised the bar for me to excel and carry forward this blessing that has been afforded to me. A blessing of faith, wisdom, patience, acceptance and love.


I know that we all experience exquisite joy and learn how to use love within our hearts to help make the world a better place for our brothers and sisters who follow. 


I know and claim awareness of our gifts and talents. I know that we give of ourselves freely, creating a heaven on earth by the loving guidance of God.


How wonderful it is to know this truth. How great it is to know that God has got our backs.


I gratefully surrender these words into the Law to be made manifest here and now.


I let go and release into God’s keeping aware that it is done.


And so it is, Amen.



- Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP

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