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Prayer for Fertility

Love is All.  God’s Love permeates all life.  It is the breath in my lungs. It is the wind moving on the planet. It is the force that steadies the stars in the sky.  I am one with this power.  It is alive in me.

I call upon this power that governs all life to fill this body and bring forth love in form. Blessing all phases of creative principle within me. Spirit within me activates my fertility and makes my body a willing and capable receptacle for life. I am a welcoming cradle for life to grow in and expand.

fertility image.jpg

My body is a vessel for a life birth. I am open to this blessing. I accept this blessing fully.  Any obstacle to this blessing is dissolved before this mighty reproductive power and grace.  I know the fulfillment of becoming a parent to this child. I claim my right to be an instrument for the continuity of this supreme life-giving principle here and now.


How good it is to be in the flow of such burgeoning harmony. How sweet it is to know that God is fulfilling this truth. Thank you, Divine Mother-Father God.



I release these words to be made manifest and know that God’s will be done. And so, it is. Amen


- Roxy Angel Superstar, RScP

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