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Prayer for Prosperity


I recognize that God is my Source and my Supply.  Money is an energy of God in action.  I am open and receptive to additional income and revenue from sources known and not known.  I am open to my greater abundance of wealth and prosperity which accommodates all of my financial needs. 


I affirm that I have plenty to share and plenty to give.  I make my titles regularly, freely and gladly.  I am a cheerful giver and a grateful receiver.  God continually blesses me.  The Law of Circulation is active and I am in joyfully connected to Its flow. 


My word is God’s word expressed and committed within me.  I release this Truth to the Law that is God’s Law and let it magnify for the blessing and prosperity of all in contact with my word.

And So It Is!

-Lava Bai, RScP

Prosperity Affirmation
by Ernest Holmes

Divine abundance is forever manifesting in my affairs

Today I expect every good thing to come to me, for I know that Divine abundance is forever manifesting itself in my affairs.

I am keeping my whole mind and thought and expectation open to new experiences, to happier events, to a more complete self-expression.

Everything that belongs to Spirit, I accept.


Everything that partakes of the nature of Divine Reality, I claim as my own.

I identify with success, and I prosper in everything I do.


As I give thanks for the good now flowing into my life, I gladly share that good with others. The more I give, the more I receive. I experience a deeper consciousness of peace and security, for I know that I am in the embrace of a warm, loving Presence forever seeking an outlet through me.

My cup runneth over! I exist in limitless possibility.

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