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Prayer for Harmony 

This is what I know:
There is only one Energy. This Energy is all Love.  It is all there is.

This one energy permeates the entire creation.  Every speck - large or small, close or far - all is embodied in the mind of God.

The first Law of the Universe is Order.  The vibration of Order is organized and beautiful.  The Law and Love come together and form a harmonious Whole.

I know that this one Life of God is my Life and sets my being in motion. And I know that Love, Joy and Harmony is that which I seek.

In my body, my home, my family members, my friends, every organization - all are part of this harmonious dance.  I consciously accept this Truth.
There is no exception.

Nothing falls outside of the Love and Law of the Harmony of God’s Creation.
Right now, I accept the Beauty, 
the Joy,
the Power,
and the Peace of a higher vibration which is embracing all that there is RIGHT NOW!

Anything that does not embrace this Truth falls aside into the nothingness from which it came.
All is good.
All is God.
I am so relieved to know that this is so!  I release this prayer into the loving Energy that is God.
Thank you God!
And so it is.

- Darrolyn Fennelly, RScP

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