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Prayer for Guidance

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As I get still and ponder the wonders of God’s infinite universe all around me; The stars and planets above and the oceans beneath; The abundance of fish and other life forms in the sea, and of plant, animal and bird life upon and above the earth; As I ponder the wondrous and magnificent intelligence within my own body; How my food is converted to muscle, bone and blood and incredible electro-chemical processes allow my body to magically move through this world; I cannot help but recognize there is a Universal Intelligence by which all things are made, sustained and guided.  This Universal Intelligence is within me, surrounds me and guides me daily.

As I recognize I am one with That Which Is, this Universal Intelligence referred to as God, I know I am one with the intelligence of God.  This Intelligence guides me now in all areas of my life.  I can relax, knowing my questions are being answered and my concerns are being addressed now.  As I pause each moment and listen, I “hear”, feel and sense the still small voice of guidance within me.  That which is necessary for my good, my fulfillment makes its way to me, as I am drawn to it.  The guidance of God can appear as persons, places, things and ideas within my mind.

I now release this prayer of knowing, and knowing that all is well.  This prayer releases me to the wisdom and loving givingness of Universal Intelligence, to God.  My words do not return to me void, but flourish and multiply abundantly, manifesting here and now.

I release this prayer, giving thanks that I am being guided always, and that All Is Well.  And so it is.

-Douglas Howard, RScP

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