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Prayer for Kindness

God is pure Love, Compassion and Grace.

I am a Child of God, and therefore ALL of God’s Love, Compassion and Grace is mine to be received and reflected.  I affirm God’s Love, Compassion and Grace is with me whether I am in my darkest moment, or fully exalted in the most glorious of times.


These qualities are the anchors to Kindness. I affirm that I always attract Kindness in every encounter. I am a beacon of kindness. I am a container for kindness.

From this moment forward, I claim my power as a Kindness Magnet! I am kind to all and all are kind to me. I forgive myself for any instance where kindness was not my reflection. I forgive others that have been unkind to me.  This is who I am and I am grateful for the release any burden or hurt I have carried because of unkindness.. I thank God for clothing me in kindness. It feels so much better. I release my word to the Law of God, knowing that Kindness continues to expand in my life forever more.

And So it is!

-Lava Bai, RScP

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